Get yourself game-ready for your spring & summer activities!

The weather is starting to show promising signs that spring is on it’s way.. soon enough!

Are you gearing up to return to a spring or summer sport or activity, or are you hoping to start a new activity?

Let us help you make sure you’re in tip-top shape to optimize your performance, and reduce the risk of injury! Our physiotherapists love working with people preventatively to establish a good prehab routine to help you before you jump back into a sport, hobby or begin a new activity. This can be anything from gardening to running to canoeing to playing tennis!

Just as your car does in -20 degree weather in the winter, it’s best if your body gets time to warm up before you put strain through your joints, muscles and soft tissue.

In a world full of unknowns, choose to be pro-active rather than reactive 🙂

Staff of Woolwich Physiotherapy