Virtual Physiotherapy

We are pleased to offer Virtual Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment.

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, Woolwich Physiotherapy has suspended our in-clinic appointments for the time being.  We want to do our part in social distancing to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and to help keep everyone safe. The safety of our patients, staff, families and the community is our top priority.  We are continuing to monitor the situation and will follow the guidelines of our government and public health officials regarding when we can resume in-clinic physiotherapy services.

Traditional Physiotherapy treatment remains the gold standard, however in the times of physical distancing, virtual physiotherapy can be a useful tool.

If you have experienced an acute injury or are in pain – we want to help. Call or email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We will have a complimentary phone conversation to help assist you.  We can also advise whether you are an appropriate candidate for virtual physiotherapy services.

Virtual treatment consists of an assessment and treatment through a webcam on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.  The interaction takes place through a secure server that meets privacy standards. Unfortunately, we cannot perform manual techniques or modalities such as treatment ultrasound or acupuncture virtually.  However, we can provide you with education and exercises to help in your recovery. Education and prescribed exercises are the pillars of physiotherapy. An exercise program with text and video explanations will be sent to you electronically.


Initial Virtual Assessment (60 min): $80

Follow-up Virtual Session (30 min) $60


Will my benefits cover virtual physiotherapy sessions?

Virtual physiotherapy sessions are provided by a Registered Physiotherapist.  Many insurance providers have started to approve virtual physiotherapy sessions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is best to consult your specific insurance provider to ensure they will cover the cost.

Is virtual physiotherapy as good as traditional physiotherapy?

Traditional physiotherapy treatment remains the gold standard.  Unfortunately there are some assessment tools and clinical tests that can only be performed in person.  Likewise, certain treatments, such as manual therapy, treatment ultrasound, acupuncture/dry needling cannot be performed virtually.  However, education and exercise are the pillars of physiotherapy and can often help make a big difference in recovery.

Am I an appropriate candidate for virtual physiotherapy?

Virtual physiotherapy works best for individuals who are motivated and willing to independently complete their exercise routines.  Patients who are severely mobility impaired may not be appropriate for safety reasons. Patients must have access to a device with a webcam/microphone, internet access and a small degree of technical know how.