Initial Assessment & Treatment (1 hour)$90.00
Treatment (30 min)$60.00
Neurological Physiotherapy Treatment (45 or 60 min)$75.00-90.00
In-home Community Assessment$130.00
In-home Community Treatment (based on distance from clinic)$75.00-110.00
Custom Hand & Upper Arm SplintingVariable- based on area & size

Pedorthic Services

Effective March 2, 2020- Kimberly Rau and Associates Inc.

1 hour clinical assessment, biomechanics examination and gait analysis
– Note: fee is included in cost of original or additional orthotic devices if purchased
$95.00 + HST
Custom Foot Orthotics
Includes evaluation above, casting, fitting, follow-up and modifications for 1 full year
Additional pairs:
Fabricated simultaneously with first pair
Fabricated within 6 months of first pair
Fabricated after 6 months of first pair

Other (toe spacers, braces, etc.)Variable